Favourite products for glowing skin + swatches.

My go to makeup product is 100% a highlighter, my makeup is never complete without a glow. I wanted to share with you guys my favourite products I use to achieve glowing skin. I will show you my favourite powder highlighters, cream highlighters & radiance creams along with swatches.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance P1010268.JPG
This product is one of my absolute favourites, I’ve been using this for over 3 years now & it is definitely a product I will continue to use for a long time. If I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup I’ll just use this primer and a concealer & it still gives my skin a flawless glow.
laura merc

Rosie for Autograph – Amazing radiance creamp1010274.jpg
I picked up this radiance cream when I was in England a few months back & have been loving it. I love it especially for shoulders, collar bones etc but it looks amazing as a base for foundation or just on its own as a highlight.

Cover FX – Custom Enhancer Drops
I wrote about this product in my April Hail (link here) I absolutely love this. This is definitely a product you should have if you love your highlight. A little drop goes a long way so I’m sure this product will last you a really long time, not to mention it turns out gorgeous.

Becca – Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (Opal) P1010290This is my go time highlighter, I use this more or less every day and I cannot get enough of it. I’ve gotten multiple compliments wearing this highlighter & I would definitely recommend it to anyone & everyone.

TheBalm- Mary-Lou Manizer
After seeing this highlighter on youtube multiple times I decided to give it a go, I have to admit I stopped using it as much once I got the Becca highlighter but it is a great and gorgeous product.

Nars – Cinematic Eyeshadow (Mississippi Mermaid) 
This is an eyeshadow but I love using it as a highlighter. It’s quite similar to the Mary-Lou Manizer with a bit more of a peachy pink tone to it.

Nars – Dual-Intensity Blush (Craving)
This picture does not do the highlighter justice but it is gorgeous! I’ve been loving the purple/pink toned highlighters & found this in my makeup bag, I’m super excited to use this highlight more often.

Australis – Take Me On Tour
This highlight is a very peach toned highlighter. I think it’s a gorgeous shade for a spring or summer look. It’s quite subtle so for people that love a highlight but don’t want it too extreme this would be perfect for you. P1010319

Benefit – Watt’s up // Tarte – The sculptor double-ended contour & highlighter // Essence – Soo glow
Ribbet collage
Firstly, the Benefit whatts up highlighter is gorgeous golden cream highlighter. It’s a really natural shade & so easy to blend out.
The Tarte sculptor double-ended contour & highlighter is a more golden/silver tone, I love this shade when my skin is a bit more fair in the winter.
Essence soo glow is my favourite cream highlighter, I can never find it in stores anymore & it’s such a shame because it’s a great product. Like I previously said I’ve been loving the pinky toned highlighter & this is exactly that.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite highlighter is (so I can go buy myself more!) 😀

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23 thoughts on “Favourite products for glowing skin + swatches.

  1. This post is right on point. Not only did I enjoy reading it, but I also learned something new….that I’m definitely going to be making a purchase of
    Cover FX – Custom Enhancer Drops. Thanks to you, lol

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      1. You wecolme, Yes, we both love to shop…that’s our only difficulty, Great choices and a great post.
        Lol. Have a fabulous day


  2. Love this post! A huge fan of highlighters and anything glowy myself so this post really calls out to me! Ive been wanting to get my hands on the custom fx drops for so long now. I think its really time to splurge!! Do check out my blog when you can! Would love to hear from you on it!

    Liked by 1 person

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