Drybar – First Impressions

I decided to try out the Drybar Southern Belle Volume-Boosting shampoo & conditioner as I have been wanting a change. Picked it up at Sephora for $35AUD ($25USD) each which is like twice as much as I usually spend on my shampoo & conditioners but oh well.

I decided to get the volume-boosting one because well I’ve got pretty fine hair so anything to make it look thick and full I’ve got to try it. I also got it without reading any kind of review or even hearing about this specific product before so I tried it out with no expectations or anything.

There are 4 key ingredients listed on the website for this product & they are:
-Biotin: Protects hair against dryness and supports hair fibre strength and elasticity, preventing breakage.
-Blend of Proteins (non-animal derived): Helps to thicken the look of strands.
-Bamboo Extract: Provides structural support.
-Brahmi Oil: Smooths the cuticle.

Both the shampoo & conditioner were a thick gel-like texture which was a bit of a surprise in terms of the conditioner. Below is a picture of the conditioner
The shampoo was pretty standard, though my hair felt a little bit rough? if that even makes sense, kind of like the shampoo dried out my hair but considering a lot of volumizing hair products give your hair that kind of texture I didn’t really mind.

When I applied the conditioner I didn’t really know what to expect as I’ve never used a gel-like conditioner. As my hair is already pretty dry I need a conditioner that hydrates the hair which this conditioner says it does. When I applied it on my hair still had that rough kind of texture and did not feel hydrated at all but I thought I’d dry my hair & see how it would be like after.

Once I got out & towel dried my hair I applied a bit of hair oil to the ends and brushed out my hair. It was insane how quick my hair went from the rough feeling to a smooth detangled texture just after once quick brush through it. After roughly blow drying my hair I could instantly tell there was so much volume and my hair was silky smooth, like I couldn’t stop touching it kind of silky smooth. (I’ve seen a fair amount of bad reviews on this product and I would agree it initially makes your hair feel dry but once I add the hair oil and brush through it it’s anything but dry. Like I said I think that the initial dry texture is just the volumizing properties)

In terms of the smell, it is quite a strong perfumey scent but I would say it’s pretty bearable. It’s not the best or at least in my opinion but who knows everyone has their preference in scents so I would definitely say go smell it before you buy it.

All in all, I would say that I would repurchase this product just because I have never used a shampoo that volumizes my hair as well as this product does.


So after using and liking the shampoo & conditioner, I decided to go & try out another product by drybar and it is the Bay Breeze Thirsty Hair Quencher. These are 4 hydrating shots that leaves hair soft, shiny and detangled with long-lasting moisture and also has properties to help with scalp health. P1030405
The shots come with a little spray pump thing you can attach. You spritz a whole bottle od the hydrating shot all over your hair and massage it in from your scalp to your ends. They are sold for $51AUD ($36USD) but I would say it’s worth it considering it really does help hydrate your hair and that is coming from someone who has insanely dry, over-processed, damaged hair.

I’ve got fine mid-length hair and I think there was just enough in one bottle to really feel it in my hair so I’m not too sure how it would be like if you have thick long hair otherwise I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for something that really works to hydrate your hair.

Thanks for reading!
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