Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

I picked up two shades of the eyeshadow, Kitten Karma & Rose Gold Retro, I pretty much fell in love with the products and now I want them in every shade. I did a look using the Rose Gold Retro shade so if you’re interested there’s a video down below.

(Left: Kitten Karma Right: Rose Gold Retro)

As you can tell they’re super pigmented and they’re just such gorgeous shades. I’ve tried other liquid shadows and I find that they crease a lot and look really weird after a few hours but these stayed on perfect all night.

They go for about $35AUD (about $24USD) at Mecca.

The first vid is a swatch of Rose Gold Retro & the second is a swatch of Kitten Karma


Rose Gold Retro:
Here’s a look I did with the rose gold retro shade, it’s one of my new favourite nighttime looks and it was so easy to do!

I tried to show you guys how to get this look and I usually show the steps through pictures but I thought it would be a lot easier to try video it.

Thanks for reading!

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