Different ways to clean makeup brushes & tools

The first & probably easiest & quickest way I clean my makeup brushes is just with a bar soap.
Mines just a bar soap I picked up from an organic store at the market but I have read a lot about people using the dove bar soap.
I use this technique in between thorough cleans because it pretty much leaves my brushes spotless and it takes no time at all.

Another way I clean my brushes is by using an Oil Cleanser. I just picked this one up when I was in Singapore but any Oil Cleanser works fine.
I pump a few pumps onto the palm of my hands & then in a circular motion clean my brush.
Then rinse it out with warm water & it should come out looking brand new.
I also like to use the oil cleanser to clean my beautyblender.
I usually soak it in the Oil Cleanser mixed with warm water for a bit & then squeeze it out before & then using more of the oil cleanser to get the rest out.

Another technique which I’ve only just started doing is using dish soap & olive oil. I’ve been using this technique more for my eyeshadow brushes.
Again I mix some warm water with dish soap and a few drops of olive oil

Finally, for my eyelash curler I like to use a cleansing cloth. After I use the cleansing cloth to take off my face makeup I will use a clean part of the cloth & wipe away any product stuck on the curler.

Thank for reading, hope you enjoyed the post! πŸ™‚

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18 thoughts on “Different ways to clean makeup brushes & tools

  1. I always poor liquid soap in a basin then place all my brushes in them. But these techniques are pretty cool too.


  2. I use an antibacterial bar soap for my blenders and the olive oil/dish soap is my go to for all deep cleaning. Loved the pictures!


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