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Bringing the “all things” series back & I’m surprised I haven’t done this one yet because I love my masks. I use one pretty much every single night, I love trying out new and different ones. I’ll be showing you various types of masks and sharing the different benefits of them. I’ve got plenty more but I’ve gathered the few I think are definitely worth talking about & the ones I use more often than others.

Glamglow: P1010854(Left to right: Gravitymud, Flashmud, Thirstymud, Youthmud)

I can easily say that the Glamglow masks are 100% my favourite & that is because it gives me the quickest and best results.
Gravitymud: A Peel Off mask that is used to firm, tighten and lift your skin. This is best for anti aging.
Flashmud: A brightening treatment for more even and radiant skin. This is best for people who suffer from acne scarring, uneven skintone, dull looking skin or just want all around more radiant skin.
Thirstymud: A cooling and moisturising mask that replenishes and soothes your skin and gives a more radiant and healthy complexion. This is best for people who have dry skin.
Youthmud: This mud mask helps refine the texture of your skin giving you a more radiant and youthful looking skin. This is best for people who want smoother & softer skin.

Peter Thomas Roth 
(Left to right: Cucumber Gel Mask, Irish Moor Mud, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, 24k Gold Mask, Rose Stem Cell)

Cucumber Gel Mask: This mask is a gentle and very refreshing gel mask that is cooling & moisturising helps soothe, hydrate and detoxifies your skin and helps with dry, irritated skin.
Irish Moor Mud: This mud mask is more of a very thick gel consistency, it helps purify, decongest and hydrate your skin as it draws out all the oils and dirt.
Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: This mask is a exfoliating mask that helps with dull, aging and congested skin and gives you a more youthful, smoother skin.
24k Gold Mask: This mask is an anti-aging treatment that helps with fine lines and wrinkles. The ingrediants in this mask help tighten your skin as well as re-energising to give you a more radiant complexion.
Rose Stem Cell: This mask is a very cooling and soothing gel which helps combat signs of aging. The ingredients help to reduce fine line and wrinkles while hydrating and softening your skin.

(Left to right: Charcoal Hyrogel Mask, Sake Hydrogel Mask, Luminizing Mask)

Charcoal Hydrogel Mask: This pore-minimizing hydrogel mask is enriched with bamboo and charcoal to cleanse your skin reducing the appearance of large pores. The bamboo and charcoal help draw out any toxins, blackheads and whiteheads leaving you with refined and soft skin.
Sake Hydrogel Mask: This brightening hydrogel mask is enriched wit sake, antioxidants, peptides and plant extracts to help reduce hyper pigmentation  in your skin. It also helps to hydrate and firm your skin.
Luminizing Mask: This charcoal peel off mask helps reduce pores and removes blackheads, impurities and excess oil. It also helps to brighten your skin and gives you a clear, smooth complexion.

Soap & Glory 
No Clogs Allowed: This mask is great for oily skin and if you are prone to blackhead build up. It is a 1 minute hot poreclear technology which means that the mask heats up when you activate it by adding water and rubbing it in.


P1010861Manuka Honey Sheet Mask: Is a soothing and moisturising sheet mask enriched with Manuka Honey from New Zealand. It also includes Jeju green complex which includes green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves and orchids. The shit is a triple layer sheet and is a lot more soft than the usual sheet masks.

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask: This mask is formulated with Amazonian White Clay which helps draw our any oils, toxins or dirt in your skin helping you unclog your pores and giving you gorgeous, smooth skin.

Shwe Pyi Nann
Natural Whitening Thanakha: This is a mask from Myanmar, it is made from Thanakha which is made from ground bark. My mum introduced this product to me and I’ve now recommended it to a few of my friends because this product is AMAZING, it helps reduce pimples and gives you extremely smooth skin. This specific one is with lime but they have a range of others including a rose one, a jasmine one, one with just Thanakha and a star flower one.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourite mask is.

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7 thoughts on “All Things: Mask

  1. You’ve got me interested in trying out Soap & Glory. I love all those masks! I swear by Glamglow, it’s perfection in a jar. Your mum is the best for introducing that product, it’s absolutely amazing! Great post! 🙂 ❤ x


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