Easy & healthy – Teriyaki Chicken

I made this delicious Teriyaki Chicken for dinner last night & posted it on my previous blog post “Unwind with me – cozy evening” so if you haven’t already then check it out by clicking here.

This recipe is super quick, super easy, healthy & very yummy.

The ingredients I used for this dish are:
– 4 Chicken fillet (diced)
– 1 cup brown rice
– Broccoli
– Bell Peppers
– Red Onion
– Cauliflower
– Toasted Sesame seeds (optional)
– Salt
– Pepper
– Teriyaki Marinade
– Oyster Sauce
– Soy Sauce

P1010118.JPG1. Coat the chicken fillet in the Teriyaki Marinade

2. Cook your rice, I used 1 cup brown rice to 2 cups water

3. Cook your chicken on medium heat. I just used sunflower oil but you can use whichever oil you’d like.

4. When your chicken is cooked through, add more of the teriyaki sauce & cook for about a minute then set it aside.
5. Add in your vegetables to the frying pan (a wok works better but I was too lazy to wash more than one pan)

6. Add half a teaspoon of soy sauce, 3 table spoons of water & half a table spoon of oyster sauce to your vegetables. Cook the vegetables to however you like them (crunchy or soft) I like mine a bit crunchy so I cooked it for about 5-7 minutes & then season with a pinch of salt & pepper.

7. Add them all together. It is optional but I added some green onions & roasted sesame seeds onto the chicken which adds some extra delicious flavour.

Let me know if you try this dish out, hope you enjoyed this post!
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