My survival guide to bad skin + scarring

Now, as you know everybody’s skin is different & react differently to products. Trust me I thought nothing would work for me. In my “My two go to’s” post I wrote about how I never really had a problem with my skin up until I finished high school. I ate clean and worked out, I hardly wore face make up like foundation and would wash my face everyday, I didn’t change anything in my skin care routine, so I wasn’t really sure why my skin just suddenly started to break out. I started to get 2 sometimes 3 or more pimples at a time, it felt like once one went down another came out. On top of this I have naturally tan skin and when I get a scar it’s very dark and visible and it takes FOREVER to fade so my face just looked like there was 10 pimples at a time when majority of them were scars. I googled uncountable amounts of things for pimples, tried loads of DIYS and watched crazy amount of videos to find out what products/items were best to get rid of my pimples and scarring fast.

After about 8 months of having no hope I finally found the best products that worked on clearing my pimples and some things that helped to speed up the fading on my scars.


Products left to right:
– BANILA CO Clean It Zero, classic. A Korean award winning cleanser that starts off as a balm like texture and turns into an oil cleanser. This cleanser removes literally ALL of my make up it is incredible. It is super light weight and it doesn’t leave your face feeling oily at all.
– Bioderma Sensibio, h20 Micelle Solution.  Even after making sure all of my make up & dirt is removed from my skin, I use this in the morning and it is shocking how much dirty builds overnight, this product removes it all and you can see it.
– Glamglow supercleanse daily clearing cleanser. Good for all skin types this cleanser is great for clearing impurities, leaving your skin feeling so soft and refreshed.

Toner, Moisturiser & Drying lotion.


Products left to right:
– Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner. This toner smells so refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. It’s quite subtle and gentle on the skin which is exactly what I need.
– Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I could not live without this product it was a definite game changer. I applied this before bed and in the morning my pimples would already be dry and basically gone.
– Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturiser. I tried A LOT of moisturisers but every single one I would wear basically made me break out worse the next day. I decided to try this moisturiser and loved how light it was on my skin, it didn’t leave my face feeling oily and it didn’t make me break out one bit. (Bonus is that it has SPF in it)

Oil, Mask & Toning water.

Products left to right:
– Bio-Oil. Literally saved my life. My scaring was to me the worst bit because it felt like it would never fade, until I started applying Bio-Oil every night and INSTANTLY seeing result.
– Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. I raved about this in my previous post and it’s probably my favourite of all time. It doesn’t tug on my skin when I peel it off and my god does it make my skin feel and look incredible.
– Lush Tea Tree Water. So I know tea tree oil is suppose to help with pimples but when I tried it made my pimples worse, I tried the tea tree toner water from a friend of mine and loved how refreshing it was and thankfully didn’t make my skin break out. I decided it for myself and have loved it ever since, using this every day.

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